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    Liquid media or liquid waste in open vesselsLiquid media or liquid waste in hermetically closed vesselsSolids / InstrumentsHollow items / Porous materialsWaste in waste bags

    Which type of autoclave do you prefer and which chamber volume should it have?

    (multiple selection possible if multiple types / sizes shall be offered)

    40 l55 l65 l75 l95 l100 l120 l150 l

    23 l45 l65 l90 l100 l150 l200 l

    65 l90 l100 l150 l200 l210 l320 l435 l540 l650 l580 l780 l980 l1180 l1380 l1580 l

    90 l150 l200 l320 l430 l540 l650 l580 l780 l980 l11801380 l1580 l



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